Custom Embroidery

Run Size

The setup process for embroidery allows us to offer lower minimum quantities than we do with screen printing. It isn’t necessarily easier than screen printing, it’s just different. Just need eight pieces? We can do that.

Need more? 144 pieces? 500+ pieces? We can handle large runs too.

Design & Digitizing

Our designers work closely with the embroidery department to make sure your logo or artwork is going to work well in the final product. Sometime small modifications have to be made so the design can translate into stitches cleanly. We work hard to make sure the final product is as true to the original artwork as it can be.

Before your design goes up on the machine it has to be digitized. During this one-time process the digitizer converts the artwork into a series of stitches.



So how does the rest of the process work?

Hoop It

Stitch It

Trim It

Garment Styles

When it comes to available styles for hats, polos, and dress shirts, the options are almost endless. We have many budget-friendly options to pick from as well as high-end names brands.

Below are some of our favorite brands:

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