Custom Screen Printing

We Love Printing

We really do. Making sure t-shirts leave our shop looking great is the reason we get up in the morning. You would be hard pressed to find screen printers who love their job more than our crew does.

Plenty of Experience

Our staff has decades of experience screen printing. For our printers, this is their craft. Want to discuss mesh tension and squeegee durometers? They do.

Not to Brag, But…

Customers love our prints, and industry professionals do to. Our team has brought home a few awards over the years. If you don’t mind the humble-brag, check out our Awards & Recognitions page.

Screen Printing Inks


Your standard screen printing ink. Most of the jobs leaving our shop get printed with this ink type. It can be a little thick feeling if you don’t do it right. Luckily we know how to do it well.


This ink works by removing the dye from the shirt and leaving behind either white or another pigment. It works great on 100% cotton and can give you a cool “vintage” look on blended fabrics.


Water-based inks are a great way to get a nice soft print. They aren’t as opaque as plastisol inks, though, so if you are using a darker garment you will get a muted, or vintage print.

Standard Print Sizes

Left Chest

The classic left chest print. On average they are 3.5″ x 3.5″. If you want it larger or taller, just let us know.

Full Chest

Our maximum standard print is 15″ x 15″. That being said, not everything looks good as a square. A nice full chest image is 13″ x 15″.

Center Chest

The 10″ x 10″ center chest print is becoming more and more popular. Big enough for your logo, but not a walking billboard.

Full Back

Just like the full chest, our max imprint is 15″ x 15″. Most of our prints go at 13″ x 15″, but if you want the max size we can do it.



The should print size varies depending on the content. 15″ x 6″ is a typical print. We run these a little lower so they hit on the shoulder blades.



It’s like a left chest print right below your neck. At 3.5″ x 3.5″ or smaller, this is a great print for an understated logo.


Large Format

When you really need a big print we break out the big guns with our Trident press. At 18″ x 23″ these prints are huge!

Pair a large format back print with a center chest on the front for a shirt that looks like it came right out of a retail store.

Keep in Mind:

Large format prints may not work on adult small shirts. Once the print start running into the shoulder seams bad things can happen. And some on some shirt styles the smalls won’t even fit on the press. That goes for ladies’ cut shirts and youth shirts as well.

 Special Effect Inks



Put a little bling on your tees. Glitter inks are available in a variety of colors (check with your sales rep to see what we have). Because of the tiny bits of metal in the ink, glitter doesn’t work well for halftones or small details.

Glow In The Dark

Kinda self explanatory. Available in green-glow or blue-glow. Make your whole print light up at night, or add a second message to your design that is revealed when the lights go down. This turns out really cool when you do it right.


Good for safety shirts or PT wear. Tiny glass beads embedded in the ink make the print super reflective when exposed to light. Because of the printing process, this is best done as a one-color print.


If glitter wasn’t enough bling for you, check out foil. Best used with a one-color print, these flashy design really make a good first impression. Unfortunately they will begin to tarnish after many washes.

Garment Styles

By no means a complete list of the shirts available, just some of our favorites.

Gildan G200

Ultra Cotton® 6 oz. T-Shirt

  • 100% preshrunk cotton; Ash Grey is 99/1; Sport Grey is 90/10
  • double-needle stitching throughout
  • seamless collar
  • taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • classic fit

Gildan G500

Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. T-Shirt

  • 100% preshrunk cotton; Ash Grey is 99/1; Sport Grey is 90/10
  • seamless rib at neck
  • taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • double-needle stitching throughout
  • classic fit

Next Level 6010

4.3oz Tri-Blend Crew T-Shirt

  • 50% Polyester, 25% Combed Ring-spun Cotton, 25% Rayon
  • fabric is incredibly soft with great drape, stretch, and recovery
  • retail fit


Next Level 3600

Premium Fitted S/S Crew

  • 100% preshrunk cotton; Ash Grey is 99/1; Sport Grey is 90/10
  • seamless rib at neck
  • taped shoulder-to-shoulder
  • double-needle stitching throughout
  • classic fit

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