What Is It?


Simply put, sublimation is the process of turning solids into gasses. For you and me, it means turning printed inks into full-color, soft hand prints.

Under Pressure

In our digital print shop, specialty inks are printed out on paper. Once they dry we can apply them to garments using a heat press. The combination of heat and pressure turn the inks into a gas that bonds to polyester fabrics.

The result is an amazing full-color print that has become a part of the material.

Things to Think About


If the sublimation paper doesn’t make contact with part of the shirt, it won’t get any color on it. That means any places on the garment that won’t lay flay, IE seams and armpits, will have white “cracks” in them. This is something that is just part of the process. They aren’t errors. Instead, they make each piece unique.

No White Ink

As of this time there is no way to print white sublimation ink. So that means the process works best on light colored garments. When you sublimate onto a color shirt the whole design gets shaded with that color.